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Please read carefully: Failure to read and understand the policy does not waive any fees.

Your time is valuable, as is ours, and we continually strive to serve you better. Each service is scheduled for an allotted amount of time to assure you of the best possible treatment.

We ask that all appointments be guaranteed with a major credit or debit card to uphold our cancellation/rescheduling policy.


  • We kindly ask that you give us a 48-hour notice to cancel or change your reservation so that we have the best opportunity to fill your spot with another guest. If we are able to fill your spot with another guest we will not charge the cancellation fee. 

  • If you have more than one service reserved a $49 fee will be assessed for each appointment. 

  • NO CALL/ NO SHOW appointments will be charged the FULL-SERVICE AMOUNT with NO EXCEPTIONS GIVEN

Late Arrivals 

Late arrivals will receive the best possible service in the remaining time allotted for their service; late arrivals more than: 10-minutes late for a  30-minute waxing appointment, 20 minutes late for a 60- minute service, and 40- minutes late for a 90- minute service will be asked to reschedule and will be subject to the cancellation fee. 

  • Any late arrival that is still seen for their services is responsible for the fully booked time.                                          

We understand that life happens, and we would do not like to charge the cancellation fee; however, our policy cannot be waived. When an appointment is scheduled, you are responsible for attending the appointment or giving us timely notice of your intended absence. Our confirmation emails/texts are sent out 48-hours prior to your service(s); however, those are sent as a courtesy, and failure to receive the reminder does not excuse a missed appointment or late cancellation. 

We always try to fill your vacated appointment and if we can do so; you will not be charged a cancellation fee. If you know you are unable to attend and would like to send someone in your place rather than be responsible for the cancellation fee, please feel free to do so, but please let us know.

**Remember, Children who are not receiving spa service are not allowed in the spa and a cancellation fee may apply if we have to reschedule.


We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

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