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Dear Members,


Thank you so much for being a valued spa member and letting us care for you. We understand that this is such an unprecedented time in our world and now more than ever we need to band together as a community in support of each other.


This is an especially hard time for all small businesses and our membership program is one way that we are able to stay afloat during this time, and also the one way to know our therapist still have enough guest to care for when we resume operations. Whichever option you choose we are appreciative of you; and wish you and your family well.


We are here to support you in any way we are able during this time. We are encouraging you to reach out to us for any advice you need with any facial concerns, any home care recommendations and will be able to provide you with a phone or video consultation if you need. We are working on putting together some special Zoom chats covering various wellness topics for all our active members and we highly encourage you to interact with us on social media and through e-mail.


The following will cover all the options for our current members.



We sincerely appreciate anyone that can keep their membership active during this time; our active memberships and product sales are the few ways we are able to stay afloat during this time. We are offering a complimentary service elevation (up to $25) or a Celluma session ($65 value) to all members who remain active during this time. Your active credits will roll over for 6+ months (plus one additional month per 30 days that we are closed). During this time, you may purchase products with your active credits, and we will mail or deliver them to you.


We will suspend your payment initially for 60 days and then reevaluate the need to extend further. We are waiving the three-month minimum requirement to suspend, but you will need to fulfill the rest of the three-month initial commitment when you resume. While on suspension your credits are void; however, we are allowing everyone to keep their discount for products so that you can maintain your home care in the absence of your monthly facials. By suspending your membership, you will keep your current member pricing, and we will extend the expiration date on your credits by one month for every month that we are closed.



We fully respect your right to cancel and do hope that you will think of us in the future. To completely cancel your membership, you must have completed your initial three-month commitment per your membership agreement. We encourage you to suspend your membership if you need to hold off on any payments and have not completed your initial three months. If you cancel your membership, you will have 30 days from the time we reopen to use any remaining credit balance; however, all member benefits will be void (including member pricing on services).

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